Nocopi Technologies produces high performance inks for a wide range of applications.

Our specialty inks are specifically formulated for

Enhancing marketability through increasing product image and shelf appeal

Tracking-and-Tracing (T&T) of goods along entire supply chain

Providing security validation and preventing forgery

Deterring counterfeit goods and product diversion

With our many decades of research and development expertise,
combined with our team of in-house team of chemists,
we can design, test, and formulate the optimal ink for your exact specifications.

We produce specialty inks customized for:

Fast dry / Slow dry

High evaporation / Low evaporation

High fluorescent / Low fluorescent

Scratch-off / Scratch-activation

Fade-resistant / Scratch-proof

Our specialty inks are suitable for a wide range of applications

Entertainment and toy products

Self-adhesive labels

Packaging and ticketing

Tags and tagboards

Garments and accessories

Security Inks

Counterfeit Goods

Counterfeit goods threaten a large number of industries ranging from common consumer products such as clothing and footwear to business-to-business products such as spare parts, pesticides to luxury items including fashion apparel and shoes. These include fake pharmaceuticals in particular, food, cosmetics, toys, medical equipment and chemicals. Counterfeit goods can pose serious health, safety and environmental risks.

“Counterfeit products are a serious problem that have caught the attention of governments, economists, and business leaders. According to OECD data on counterfeiting and international trade, the total value of counterfeit and pirated goods was about $1 Trillion in 2013, and is expected to grow to close to $3 Trillion in 2022.”

– “Counterfeiting is on the rise, and projected to exceed $3 trillion in 2022” September 29,2021 by Robert Handfield Ph.D

With consumers increasing purchases of goods online through e-commerce platforms, consumers are unknowingly exposed to counterfeit and pirated goods in settings and unxder conditions that make the articles appear genuine. Compare this to past decades where counterfeit and pirated goods were sold on street corners, in alleys, from trunks of cars.

This is a global problem. Counterfeit goods originate from virtually all economies in all continents. Fake goods tend to be shipped by every means of transport. In terms of the number of seizures, small parcels – in particular via postal services – is the most common, posing a significant challenge in terms of enforcement. In terms of value, counterfeits transported by container ship clearly dominate, accounting for more than a half of the global value of counterfeit seizures in 2019.

Security inks offer brand owners and consumers greater confidence by protecting them from piracy and product tampering. Governments can combat fraud and counterfeiting by incorporating our security inks into official travel documents, currency, and tax stamps or labels.

Some Standard Security Inks

Solvent Reactive Ink

Solvent reactive ink works by presenting a visible indicator that the ink has been activated by a solvent. These inks are typically used on a printed watermark or fine artwork design. The security protocol activated by applying a solvent, causing the ink to change color and indicate that an alteration has been attempted.

Taggant Inks

The ink features a high-end security pigment that provides “lock-and-key” functionality when combined with a detection system matched to the ink.

Invisible Ink

One of the most widely used inks is invisible ultraviolet and will be revealed when the print is placed under a black lamp (or UV light source). The ink is invisible to the eye (covert) under normal lighting conditions. When passed under an UV lamp the ink glows and is used predominantly for check printing and document protection in the UK.

It is relatively cheap and is available in many colours. The ink must be applied to an optically dark substrate under long waved UV light otherwise it will not be visible.

Magnetic (MICR) Ink

The ink creates a unique magnetic code because it contains a unique blend of iron oxide particles that become magnetically charged when the ink is printed.

When a MICR reader processes this ink, the machine reads the characters based on the magnetic properties of the ink, not the shape of the printed MICR characters.

Each character contains four separate magnetic charges (two positive and two negatives). The MICR reader then decodes the ink.

While these unique combinations of magnetic charges allow the MICR reader to detect what is written faster than if the ink was decoded visually, it also allows for a more secure reading, as it is much more difficult to fake.

Nocopi Security Inks

Nocopi Technologies Security Inks have been developed to help manufacturers of high-value goods counter the threat of counterfeiting, and provide a discreet method of tracking products through the production and packing process.

We offer an entire portfolio of security inks suitable for various printing methods, such as; offset, intaglio, flexographic, gravure, screen, numbering and inkjet processes. Our inks are custom-made to meet our customer’s specific technical requirements and preferred drying process.

“Nocopi provides a turnkey solution”

Our proprietary ink formulations are backed by decades of Nocopi’s specialized research and development efforts. Nocopi Technologies draws on those resources and knowledge and continuously searches for the latest technologies to help you stay ahead of counterfeiters or other threats to secure your brands and documents. Our many decades of production experience and secretive and discrete production processes give our customers the highest levels of confidence that our inks will help secure their brands and protect their revenue.

Security Inks Are Typically Broken Down into 3 Basic Types

Undetectable cover security

Layers taggant/reader systems, optical systems, magnetic systems, DNA based inks, forensic analysis.

Layers taggant/reader systems, optical systems, magnetic systems, DNA based inks, forensic analysis.

CopiMark Invisible Water based or Solvent Based

Advantages of semi-cover inks: instant verification, reversable or irreversible, unique/property behavior, secure alone or as a layer, requires foreknowledge and action

Examples: Coin reactive inks, micro printing, chemical color change inks

Visible trackability that is readily apparent to the authenticating party

Advantages of overt inks: instant verification, predictable, repeatable behavior, secure alone or as a layer, angle of light response, persistent or disappearing, no device needed for authentication

Examples Security Features for overt inks: Color shifting inks, pearlescent inks, holograms, and watermarks.

Two System Types
to Deter Product Diversion

Product Serialization

For upstream of distribution, at package or package filing operation. Example: linear bar code, 2D Bar Code, ID Matric, PDF

Specific Account Marking

At point of distribution. Example: Human readable numbers (or words), black ink or fluorescent ink.

Contact us for further details regarding your authentication needs!

Track-and-Trace Solutions

Nocopi Technologies offers custom security inks for full track-and-trace solutions

Our security inks can be used to ease product recall, monitor product quality and track products internally. This is done through either a sequential code, a nonsequential code, a covert code or a machine-readable code, or can also be secured through two related codes—what the industry calls "matched pairs."

Track-and-trace features are especially important in the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries, and for manufacturers of consumer electronics and automotive parts. This is because these companies need to be concerned about product tracking and tracing for the protection of both the public and their brands. For example, brand owners need to prevent counterfeit drugs and faulty machinery from infiltrating the supply chain before these products hurt anyone.

Product Diversion

Product Diversion occurs when a product meant for one market or distribution partner is diverted to another. This diversion is done by a distributor or a warehouse without the knowledge or approval of the brand owner, and it is often at the expense of the brand owner. For example, a product meant for sale in a country such as Turkey might get diverted to the U.S., where it will be sold at a much higher price.

Diversion is costly and harmful on many levels. It can be harmful to a consumer because diverted product is often old, tainted, improperly labeled or damaged. It is costly to brand owners and retailers as their brand reputation is at risk and can be severely damaged.

Nocopi’s proprietary CopiMark track-and-trace ink solutions can be used to deter distributors from attempting to divert products. Unless your diversion solutions are totally invisible, they will not be secure. If diverters can detect your track and trace solution it will NOT be effective. A brand owner can even monitor their distributor with Nocopi’s CopiMark covert security ink without the distributors ever knowing.

Entertainment Inks

Nocopi Technologies has been an industry leading reactive ink producer to the entertainment and toy products market since 2004.

Our reactive ink technology consists of specialty inks that are produced in a variety of colors after being revealed through a variety of methods.

Our Rub-it & Color ink Technology is Used For:

Coloring books

Activity kits

Play sheets

Board games

Single use place mats

Greeting cards

Promotional products

Or any other paper-based application requiring some “fun” factor

Our Inks

Nocopi Technologies has been an industry leading reactive ink producer to the entertainment and toy products market since 2004.

Our reactive ink technology consists of specialty inks that are produced in a variety of colors after being revealed through a variety of methods.

Nocopi’s Security Inks

With an array of covert and overt inks, Nocopi offers brand owners and label producers enhanced product security through a variety of security inks with taggants or chemical markers to prove authenticity.

Totally Invisible Inks

(not seen under UV Light or with the naked eye)

Invisible Fluorescent Ink

(Black Light)

Chemical Color Change Inks

Visible Fluorescent Ink

Friction Reactive Inks

(coin or scratch & secure inks)

Nocopi Security can serve the following industries/products


Sporting Goods

Fashion Apparel

Military Equipment


Tax Stamps




In addition to our standard inkjet inks, Nocopi Technologies custom formulates every order to meet the exact printing requirements of each customer.

Nocopi’s custom formulated inks can be used on CIJ inkjet printing systems.

The key advantages of our specialty reactive inks for the toy and entertainment markets are:



Patent Protected

Our patented and proprietary inks combination are safe and non-toxic and conform to ASTM D4236 and F-963 and other toxicology tests.

Our patented, revolutionary, and award-winning Rub-it & Color takes out all the messy stuff related to children’s coloring except the fun. No more crayons ground into the carpet and car upholstery. No more spilled paint on the rug. No more messy markers ruining clothes and furniture.

Nocopi license our Rub-it & Color technology through various license agreements on exclusive and non-exclusive basis throughout the world.