Nocopi Technologies is a leading developer of specialty inks for over 30 years.

We are committed to creating unique, specialty inks that directly address the needs of each and every customer.

We formulate ink for a wide variety of customers.

Our customers range from large book publishing companies utilizing our patented and proprietary specialty reactive inks for children’s licensed entertainment activity books to global cosmetic companies incorporating our specialty security inks for track-and-trace functionality to protect against counterfeiting and grey market diversion across their global retail channels.


Proprietary water-based technology

Solvent-based technology

Production Facility and Capabilities

Ink Production Facility Features

Located in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania, our production facility is fully air-conditioned and has 20-foot high rear loading dock doors.

Machinery Line Dedicated to Efficient Production

Our line of Morehouse Cowles machinery, which has been upgraded over the last 5 years enables us to produce formulations with the highest standards of quality and durability.

Raw Materials/Suppliers

We have numerous supplier relationships with industry leading raw materials producers to ensure timely order fulfillment advantages, while still maintaining high quality materials and value pricing.

Shipping/Logistics Partners

Global delivery points available with logistical partners:

Outbound Order Sizes

Typically quantities can range from 1 - 2000 kg, however please inquire for additional information regarding your specific order needs.

Strategically Located Along Major Interstates

Our close proximity to major thoroughfares afford short and convenient access to the Pennsylvania Turnpike and Interchange I-95.

Aftermarket and Technical Support

We offer additional support to overcome production challenges and remain available on a consultation basis for on-site advisory work to resolve technical issues or provide support requirements.

Management Team

Michael S. Liebowitz

CEO and Chairman

Terry W. Stovold

Chief Operating Officer

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Debra Glickman

VP and Chief Financial Officer

James R. Davis

Director of Production

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Matthew C. Winger, CFA

Executive Vice President, Corporate Development

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Karen Joseph

Senior R&D Chemist

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Corporate History

Nocopi Technologies established a dedicated research facility in Malvern, Pennsylvania in 1993.

  • Refined document security with further development of a variety of products across specialized inks and paper to further deter photocopying and transmission by facsimile and began development of proprietary inks which print invisibly until activated for the purpose of identifying counterfeit or diverted products.
  • Developed customized solvent-based flexographic ink for major North American apparel firm in 1993 of an invisible ink designed for a card stock substrate single side coated.

Commercialization of Proprietary and Patented Ink Technologies in mid-1990s.

1985 – 1995

1996 – 2006

2007 – 2017

2018 – Present

Nocopi Technologies was started in 1985 with anti-copy security paper technology.

Nocopi Technologies was started in 1985 with anti-copy security paper technology.

  • Nocopi Technologies developed advanced technology for anti-copy security paper.
  • Ink technology used within office copiers to impede and to protect against fraudulent reproduction of corporate and legal documents and began setting up worldwide distribution for patented anti-copy paper.· In late 1990, headquarters were relocated to Wayne, PA.

Expansion of Nocopi’s Research Facilities in 1993.

Nocopi's document authentication technologies allowed businesses to authenticate a wide variety of materials and products.

  • Commercialized Copimark technology, which allowed invisible ink printing on certain areas of a document that can then be activated or revealed by use of a special highlighter pen and developed other variations involving multiple color responses or visible and invisible marks that turn into a multicolored image.
  • Commercialized Rub & Reveal system, which permits the invisible printing of an authenticating symbol or code that can be revealed by friction providing users with the ability to authenticate and detect.

Patented and proprietary Rub & Reveal® technology was significantly enhanced during late 1990s.

Nocopi significantly improved Rub & Reveal technology and expanded production capabilities to laser printers, thus affording new market opportunities.

  • Allowed businesses and brand owners to authenticate a wide variety of product labels and packaging
  • In March 1998, Nocopi consolidated research and development facility, production and corporate headquarters to a single new location in West Conshohocken, PA

Starting in the mid-2000s, Nocopi developed and commercialized Rub-it & Color ink technology.

Nocopi developed and marketed a new ink technology, named Rub-it & Color, which consists of a system of specialized dyes in a large variety of colors that can be activated through friction.

  • Technology advanced to new applications including children’s activity products and educational testing review products which received industry awards from Creative Child Magazine and Spectrum Magazine in 2004
  • This new “mess-free” ink technology is produced in a variety of colors that can be revealed by friction and was certified as non-toxic from the Consumer Products Services, Inc. and the American Society for Testing and Materials Laboratories.

In 2007 Nocopi expanded into consumer markets and promotional markets with new license agreements.

Nocopi's proprietary and patented Rub & Reveal color ink technology expanded into consumer and promotional markets with new customers for color changing ink applications.

  • New license agreement allowed for Rub & Reveal technology use in the marketing of direct mail envelope applications.
  • In April 2007, Nocopi executed a multi-year license agreement with major U.S. based Children’s entertainment company for use of mess free and non-toxic specialty ink.

In 2009, Nocopi expands Loss Prevention Division for security inks.

Nocopi security inks to help brand owners protect brand assets and prevent fraud.

  • Nocopi’s security ink technologies provide users with the ability to authenticate documents, prevent counterfeiting, and prevent gray market diversion.
  • Nocopi develops an invisible inkjet format to permit manufacturers and distributors to track the movement of products from production to ultimate consumption when coupled with proprietary software for “track-and-trace” capability to protect against for a patented anti-counterfeiting and anti-diversion technologies.

In 2012, Nocopi executes new license and relocates corporate headquarters to King of Prussia, Pennsylvania.

In April 2012, Nocopi executed a new licensing agreement with major North American children’s book publisher.

  • New licensee began selling Nocopi's ink technology within its new coloring and activity book line featuring many well-known children's licensed characters.
  • In late 2013, Nocopi relocated corporate headquarters, production, and research and development to a new location in King of Prussia, PA

From 2018-Present, Nocopi executes 5-year renewal ink license and several new licenses for domestic and international use.

In 2018, Nocopi executed major license renewals with domestic and international children’s entertainment publishers.

  • Nocopi continues improving and developing new ink technologies for use in the children’s entertainment segment.
  • Nocopi improve laboratory analysis capabilities and continues to provide specially trained technicians to travel to third party production facilities for full customer service when called upon.

In October 2020, Nocopi recognized as a distinguished growth company of Philadelphia.

Nocopi focused on developing new ink technologies for children’s entertainment segment

  • Named “Philadelphia 100 Fastest Growing Company” by Entrepreneurs Forum of Greater Philadelphia on October 21, 2020
  • During Q3 2022, Nocopi extended the international licensee for renewal period of five years.

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