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  Secure Prescriptions...  
  Secure Rub
Nocopi’s Secure Prescription Paper

On May 25th, 2007, legislation H.R. 2206 was signed, requiring that states not pay pharmacies for prescriptions submitted after October 1, 2007 that do not have at least one of three characteristics designed to prevent fraud and abuse through the reproduction and/or modification of prescriptions. Those characteristics, according to a irective from the Department of Health & Human Services (HHS), Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, dated August 17, 2007, are:
* One or more industry-recognized features designed to prevent unauthorized copying of a completed or blank prescription form;
* One or more industry-recognized features designed to prevent the erasure or modification of information written on the prescription by the provider; and
* One or more industry-recognized features designed to prevent the use of counterfeit prescription forms.
Further, by October 1, 2008, all three anti-counterfeiting characteristics must be embedded in all Medicaid papers.


Secure Rub Paper
Nocopi’s Secure Rub paper meets all 2008 federal prescription guidelines

Nocopi’s patented and proven anti-copying, anti-alteration, and totally secure ink is the economical choice to meet the new federal guidelines for prescriptions. Nocopi’s ink is only available from Nocopi so it’s secure from any criminals trying to reproduce the patented process. The unique ink changes color when scratched so anyone can easily authenticate a valid prescription. No chemicals, screens, lights or other equipment is needed to authenticate a Nocopi Secure Rub prescription, simply scratch the surface to reveal a different color than is printed on the top of the paper. This process can’t be copied by any copier or other reprographic device. The ink also “blooms” when it comes in contact with solvents used to remove or modify pen ink from original scripts. Any attempt to erase pen ink shows up as a blank area on the paper. This economical and secure paper can be run through any offset press to print the specific information for any doctor’s office.

Call Nocopi today and find out how Secure Rub can be your choice for an inexpensive but secure paper that can work for all your prescription needs. Nocopi also has available Nocopi Security Prescription Pads that can be prepared by use of Nocopi’s Secure Rub Prescription Paper to contain the specific information needed for each doctor’s officer.


Scratching Surface
To authenticate prescription simply scratch surface to see color change.
Eraser marks
Attempts to erase pen ink removes patented ink and leaves a blank space..
"Blooming" effect caused by Solvents

Solvents used to remove ink causes a visually evident “blooming” effect of ink..

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