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Rub & Reveal
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Rub & Reveal
(download Sell Sheet PDF)

Patented Rub & Reveal ink is the best security ink Nocopi has ever developed. It's simple to use, almost impossible to replicate, and affordable. What more can you ask for?

Since its development this amazing patented ink has been used to protect all kinds of documents: from receipt rolls to casino tickets to price tags, to coupons, to prescription pads. Basically any paperbased document can be secured using this versatile ink. The ink is designed to be printed using flexo presses. So whatever and however you want to print your “security,” Rub & Reveal has the solution.

One of the biggest advantages Rub & Reveal ink offers is its ease of use. No need for special
equipment to authenticate a receipt, just rub or scratch it and it changes colors. Its versatility is not just in how it is produced but how it is displayed. You want to print a logo, policy, or special image? Great! Need a covert ink? Great! You need a overt ink? Great! You need to change colors? Great! Rub & Reveal offers you all these options and more.

Our proven product can protect you from all kinds of scams from fake receipts, to fake coupons, to fake tickets or fake documents. Start protecting your bottom line with Nocopi’s Rub & Reveal ink today.

Rub & Reveal Ink Benefits
• Cannot Be Copied
• Ease of Use
• Simple and Easy Training
• Overt and Covert Options
• Tamper Evident Properties
• Offers Physical & Chemical Verification

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The versatility of Rub & Reveal allows you to print almost any image on the front or back of bond and thermal papers. Use it on any paper based document to protect it from being counterfeited.
Logo printed with  Rub & Reveal

Use Rub & Reveal to print logos, return policies, and other images. Nocopi offers a number of color options for both the top and bottom color.

scratch Rub & Reveal

To authenticate document, simply rub or scratch Rub & Reveal to expose the
bottom color.

Rub & Reveal using security pen

A chemical pen can offer a secondary check for Rub & Reveal inks. It changes the bottom color to a different color from the one that is scratched.

Rub & Reveal price tag

Use Rub & Reveal
for price tags, coupons,
tickets, and
other value-based







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